रविवार, अगस्त 6


On my windowsill one morning bright
Came softly through the dawn light
A little birdie with plume of blue
A beak of gold and a streak of red hue

Chirp chirp,melodiously it woke me up
With lots of love in its tweeny little heart
There it went twitter twitter hither and tither
Creating dancing silhuettes with him playing all the parts

I opened my eyes to the rays of sun
And saw the deity in blue
Mesmerised was I by its innocent charm
When to my blanket itself it flew

Landing effortlessly it tiptoed lightly
And watched me with those beaded eyes
Silently it seemed to Question
If I knew what ahead in this day lies..

A day that together we would begin
He on his path.. me on mine
A day as any other it could be
Or could this day our life define?

What would mark That Day of days
For which one lives through the days of life
What if each morning told us.. Both beast and man
If Today would be of pleasure or strife..

To this my birdie turned his back
And the path to the windowsill it did revise
There in the heavenly rays of light
The tiny creature gave his sermon wise

U the human wonder hard but I just need to live
I've got my sun.. I've got my shade.. I've got my music to give
And what would make me survive that day I cannot fathom at all
When the skies would tell that my death is destined before the nightfall??

So my dearest morning friend, with wisdom of the world
No day would be the day it is to be, with its mystry unfurled
Saying this away flew my birdie..Singing to the nearest tree
"QUE SERA SERA.... Whatever will be will be"

- Dr. Aanchal Agrawal

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