रविवार, अगस्त 6

ZEPHYR (Poetry)

I befriended a gentle gust of wind
When once I found it passing by
It had touched me in a gesture kind
And geared away to the sky.

Soon it began to bestow on me joy profound
Its mere presence sent my spirits exalted
And began I looking forward to its glimpse and sound
I smiled whenever in its path, for me it halted.

It ran with me through meadows high
And galloped through my dreams euphoric
There it was ruling my day and night
And to its thoughts my heart did stick.

I knew the gust of wind too felt the same
I knew that my essence it carried too
My ears began yearning to hear it carry my name
And with searching eyes i began running behind wherever it flew.

Then commenced my hardships that would not end
The closer I pushed my soul towards it , the more from me it did bend
It shunned,it flew at a tormenting pace,
It turned away from my beseeching eyes its face.

Puzzled, I stared and stared along
Straining my ears for the long lost song
But I should have known that the wind did not to me belong
And to hold a gust of wind, my love wasn't enough strong.

I fell behind in this race with mydear
To the sand and mud I did fall
I lay there ,waiting for it to come back,to allay my fear
But away it went,did'nt respond to my call.

Having come to halt after a time so long
My nonplussed mind had no words to say
Then did from a far off place I heard my song
And I closed my eyes as with my tresses my wind did play.

I knew it, I knew it, U love me, U DO !
Shouted an exuberant me to my wind so kind
Calmly, slowly it answered me too
But the answer was one that had never wandered my mind.

It did not love me, never in its dreams
Its destiny was destined far away from mine,
I was just another traveller by the desert streams
Whom The Wind had befriended for a matter of time.

I opened my eyes, in the face of the glaring Sun
This time I knew I wouldn't see my wind
Then in front of my face a sight did spin
And with a jolt to my heart, playing with another's tresses, I did see my wind....
Freedom, all I ask

Usual is the word that portrays everything around me,
Usual is this place, usual are my mates, usual is what i should be,
But don't know why something is amiss, something has changed,
My body is free, but i feel my spirits chained.
Here is my flesh and bone sitting, my senses alive, brain bubbling with thought,
But close-by also lies my dying, feelingless heart, in clutches of sadness caught,
I can see myself smiling at this world around me,
But the truth is that I am a chained bird pining to be free.
Shouting, crying, appealing to all lies my soul,
In the cellar of decorum, on the floor of questions, dark as coal,
I don't want any body to see my soul so strifled,
And hence with the garb of a smile by me it has been muffled.
But how can I ignore its helpless cries, its pitiable tears.
I cannot bear to see it chained in the clutches of unsaid feelings and fears..
Liberty is what i want, freedom all I ask
But nobody here is willing to do the task.
I was waiting, am waiting and will be waiting forever,
Shouting to the air, sending troubled ripples through the water.
Praying that someday, someone hears my stifled cry,
So that to freedom divine i can fly..

- Dr. Aanchal Agrawal

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