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Play, Nursery and Primary Level Schools in Saharanpur

Opening a play school seems to be a highly lucrative business and such schools are mushrooming in every lane and corner in every small or big town and Saharanpur is no exception.  Many house owners are using one or two rooms of their residential house for the purpose of school.  The irony is that the schools with just one or two classrooms and hardly any facilities are naming and advertising themselves as  International School!

So, while there are some really excellent play schools in Saharanpur with state-of-the-art facilities and well trained staff,  there are many at the opposite extreme also.  In view of large number of schools scattered in every nook and corner of the towns and even villages it seems almost impossible to make a complete list of all such schools in District Saharanpur.  Before counting of such schools would be complete, there would be one or two more schools popping up!

Still, we are trying to enlist as many play schools, nursery and primary level schools as we may possibly can.  We don't know how many of these schools are recognized by the education department and on what parameters recognition is given to such entities.

Most of the smaller schools are not linked to CBSE but claim to be following the pattern of CBSE,  Such schools prepare their students for the entrance test being held every year by bigger, well-established CBSE affiliated schools in Saharanpur.

Play & Nursery Schools in Saharanpur city

  1. Athenia Prep School, Ram Nagar, Saharanpur
  2. Blue Bells School, Mission Compound, Saharanpur
  3. Euro Kids, Link Road, Saharanpur
  4. Global Discovery Schools, 4/1668, Link Road, Jwala Nagar, Saharanpur
  5. Iris Floris, Saharanpur
  6. Jai Hind Public School, Paper Mill Road, Saharanpur
  7. K L G Public School, Small Branch, Sharda Nagar, Saharanpur
  8. Peach Grove School, Chakrata Road, Saharanpur
  9. Shamrock Play School, St. Mary Lane, Mission Compound, Saharanpur
  10. Small Wonders, Mission Compound, Saharanpur
  11. ICSE Affiliated Schools in Saharanpur City
  1. Maple's Academy, Muzaffarnagar Highway, Deoband 
  2. Spring Dale Public School
  3. Nawaz Girls Public School
  4. Doon Valley Public School
  5. Cambridge International School, Bus Stand Talheri Buzurg, Deoband 


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Chunheti crossing / Delhi Road / Rampur Maniharan
  1. Bill Clinton School, Rampur Maniharan, Saharanpur
  2. Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalaya 
  3. Kushwaha Army Public School, 9th Km. Stone, Delhi Road, Saharanpur
  4. Motherland Public School, Rampur Maniharan, Saharanpur
  5. Mt. Litera Public School, Chunhetri Railway Crossing, Saharanpur


  1. Bright Home Public School, Nanauta, Dist. Saharanpur


Ambehta Peer

  1. Aryan International School, Nakur Road, Ambehta



  1. Air Force School, Sarsawa
  2. Kendriya Vidyalaya, AFS, Sarsawa

Behat Road / Kalsia / Behat / Badshahi Bagh 

  1. DAV School 
  2. St. Thomas Public School
  3. Delmond International Girls School, Near Behat Bus Stand, Saharanpur 
  4. New Era  English Academy, Vill. Devla, Behat Road, Saharanpur
  5. Nishi Memorial School, Prem Vihar, Badshahi Bagh, Saharanpur
  6. Shemford Futuristic School, Near Sai Temple, Chakrata Road, Saharanpur

Chhutmalpur / Biharigarh / Sundarpur 

  1. Dellmond International School, Fatehpur Thana, Chhutmalpur
  2. Doon's Pride Public School, Sundarpur
  3. Mt. Carmel Christian Academy, MCCA Road, Fatehpur, Chhutmalpur
  4. Shakumbhari Public School, Manduwala, Fatehpur-Kalsia Road, Saharanpur 

Janta Road / Baroli / Fatehpur Kalsia Road 

  1. Acme Global School, Janta Road, Saharanpur
  2. Highland Hall Convent School, 7th Km. stone, Janta Road, Saharanpur

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